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When a person or business needs a lawyer, they need someone to fight for them. A client needs a lawyer who will fight in court, in a mediation or other alternative dispute resolution venue. If your lawyer is going to be aggressive, it helps to have the preparation and courtroom experience to backup that assertive position. Mr. Leibowitz has the experience to know when it is time to take a lawsuit to court and when it is time to aggressively negotiate. If a business has had the audacity to breach its contract, it is not going to capitulate because a lawyer asks it. If a prosecutor wants to lockup you or your loved one, the State will not simply roll over. If a parent is fighting for what he or she treasures most in the world, their child, nothing will suffice but an aggressive approach. Great results come from being aggressive.


Whether you or your company is facing a business lawsuit, contract law claim, criminal or traffic charges,  or if you need a Rockville divorce lawyer for a custody dispute, Mr. Leibowitz will take a tailored and innovative approach to your case. Sometimes that means challenging the constitutionality of a law. Other times, Mr. Leibowitz will bring novel or out-of-the-box claims to best position his clients for success. Because two people or two businesses are never the same, a lawyer should never take the same tack in every case. Even in a negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution, it can be critical to take an innovative approach to a matter. Judges in Montgomery County know that Rockville attorney Louis M. Leibowitz is innovative and creative, while always adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics. Great results come from creative thinking.




Mr. Leibowitz is known by lawyers and judges as one of the most prepared attorneys in Montgomery County. Whether he is representing a client at a trial, hearing or mediation, Mr. Leibowitz is always the most prepared person in the room. Many cases are won or lost before the lawyers even enter the courtroom. By researching all of the legal issues, tracking down all of the evidence, talking to all of the witnesses and commanding all of the facts, Mr. Leibowitz is always fully prepared and, therefore, well-armed to achieve the best possible results for his clients. Business and individuals are at an advantage when the most prepared lawyer is on their team. When you take an aggressive approach, it helps to have thorough preparation. Whether your case is in Rockville, or elsewhere in the Maryland or the District of Columbia, Mr. Leibowitz will be ready to fight with you and for you. Great results come from preparation.

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At the Law Offices of Louis M. Leibowitz, we are known for delivering great results. Our attorneys are well prepared, experienced and aggressive. Judges and other lawyers also recognize our attorneys as among the most effective trial attorneys in the area. Our attorneys carefully listen to your situation and design a creative, tailored solution to solve your legal problem. Your goals help guide the strategy in the case, because we understand that your case – large or small – is important and has a tremendous impact on your life, family and business. If it comes time to go to court, you can feel confident your case is being handled by a courtroom-tested attorney who has successfully litigated cases that other lawyers thought were unwinnable

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Mr. Leibowitz represented me when I was being wrongly sued. He listened to and understood my problem. When we got to court he didn’t back down. Ultimately, he forced the Plaintiff to dismiss my case.
Mr. Leibowitz has helped our non-profit organization deal with a wide array of legal issues, and I am always impressed with his speed and conscientiousness. I am confident that we are always protected and ready for any contingency.
Mr. Leibowitz is very thorough and communicates in a language that non-attorneys understand. He is very responsive, communicates well and in a timely manner. I have seen the respect given him by his peers and I recommend Mr. Leibowitz without any reservation.