Top Local Chevy Chase Civil Litigation Attorney

Top Local Chevy Chase Civil Litigation Attorney

Laws exist to protect the citizens of Maryland and all of the United States. The courts exist to help enforce those laws. Family courts typically deal with issues including divorce, child custody and adoption. Criminal courts are where those accused of crimes are afforded a chance to defend themselves and receive a fair trial. Civil courts are places where citizens can seek intervention if another person or business has wronged them and refuses to make it right.

People bring civil suits for a broad range of reasons. Perhaps You have a shared driveway with a neighbor and there is a dispute over who is responsible for repairing it. You may have hired a contractor to work on your home and paid them a percentage up front for the purchase of supplies, only to have them disappear without completing the work. Now you’re out a substantial amount of money and still need the work done on your home.

Whatever the reason for filing a civil suit, retaining the services of a Chevy Chase civil attorney is in your best interest. Going to court without a lawyer can be a challenging prospect, and it can be hard to remain calm and articulate if you aren’t used to speaking in a court of law. An attorney understands the complicated legal system in Maryland and will present your case efficiently and articulately. It can be hard to be your own advocate when you’re nervous, angry or otherwise emotional. Your attorney will be able to remain calm and composed in the courtroom.

A Chevy Chase Civil Attorney Can Help You Recover More

An experienced civil lawyer in Chevy Chase can help review your claim before you file your lawsuit. Because a lawyer has a better understanding of how the courts work and precedents in similar cases, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Louis M. Leibowitz may be able to help you adjust your lawsuit to more accurately reflect the losses incurred as a result of the other party’s actions (or inaction). That means that you may be able to ask for more compensation from the courts. Additionally, while it may seem more cost effective to bring the lawsuit on your own, sometimes you can include your attorney’s fees in the amount of damages you are seeking.

When you consider how much more efficiently an attorney can argue your case, it only makes sense to retain the services of the best possible civil attorney in Chevy Chase when you know you need to file a civil suit. You shouldn’t have had to ask the courts to intervene because the other party should have acknowledged their responsibility and tried to make it right. Now, the courts will do it for them.

A Civil Attorney in Chevy Chase Can Help Defend You

You may think that only those who are facing criminal charges need an attorney to mount a defense. That’s simply not accurate. If you are facing a lawsuit, particularly a frivolous lawsuit brought by someone seeking an easy payday, having an experienced civil litigator in Chevy Chase to help you defend against the suit can make all the difference. Your civil attorney can review the plaintiff’s case against you and help you prepare a defense before you even get to court. When your court date arrives, your attorney will know what evidence and statutes can work in your favor to persuade the judge or jury. Contact us today to get the representation that you deserve.

Your attorney can also file a counter-suit. That counter-suit can seek damages, including your attorney’s fees, when the law allows. When you’re facing a lawsuit, you don’t want to walk into the courts alone and unprepared. You need all the help you can get. Working with an experienced civil lawyer in Chevy Chase represents your best chance at a positive outcome to a civil lawsuit.

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Mr. Leibowitz represented me when I was being wrongly sued. He listened to and understood my problem. When we got to court he didn’t back down. Ultimately, he forced the Plaintiff to dismiss my case.
Mr. Leibowitz has helped our non-profit organization deal with a wide array of legal issues, and I am always impressed with his speed and conscientiousness. I am confident that we are always protected and ready for any contingency.
Mr. Leibowitz is very thorough and communicates in a language that non-attorneys understand. He is very responsive, communicates well and in a timely manner. I have seen the respect given him by his peers and I recommend Mr. Leibowitz without any reservation.

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