Leading Rockville Civil Litigation Attorney

Leading Rockville Civil Litigation Attorney

The United States has become, a relatively litigious nation. There are a number of reasons for this. First, our court system allows for those who have been wronged by others, in a criminal or non-criminal fashion, to seek damages from the other party.

Secondly, and more importantly, as technology has increased, the potential of one person or party to seriously and permanently damage another has increased. Cars, for example, can cause catastrophic personal injury and property damage. People can also misuse computers to damage the reputation of a person or a business they don’t like.

When someone hurts you, or defrauds you, civil litigation is often your best option for recourse. If you are filing a civil lawsuit, you want the help of an experienced civil lawyer in Rockville to help. Federal laws and Maryland state laws are complex. There are thousands of them, and they are interpreted based on both legal knowledge and case precedents. If you haven’t been to law school, you will have a hard time successfully making a legal argument, beyond the most basic, in a civil court. That’s why working with an experienced attorney, like Louis M. Leibowitz, is your best chance at success in civil court.

Rockville Civil Litigation Attorneys Help Make Things Right After an Injury

Perhaps you have a dispute with a business or customer that owes you money. Maybe your neighbor is trying to steal part of your property through adverse possession. You could have needed work done on your house, only to have your contractor run off after receiving the deposit without doing the work as promised. When someone has caused you real damage, the civil courts provide a safe and legal means of seeking recourse. Not only can the other party be officially and legally held liable for their part in what happened; you can also recover a monetary amount meant to offset your losses and injuries.

In some cases, such as breach of contract, the amount being requested is straightforward. You can easily add your medical bills or repair costs up, or you can point to payments and deposits you made without receiving the promised goods and services. In other cases, such as harassment or abuse at work, it can be harder to determine the amount of your loss. An experienced Rockville civil lawyer can help you calculate what a reasonable amount of damages would be, given the specifics of your situation and the outcome of cases with similar circumstances in the past.

The best way to ensure a positive outcome to your civil suit is to retain the assistance of an attorney whose skill and competence you completely trust. Your Rockville civil attorney will be your advocate to the courts.

A Civil Attorney in Rockville Can Also Defend You

Not all civil suits are warranted and legitimate. Some people will file a lawsuit asking for massive damages in the hopes of an easy payday. When you are facing a civil suit in court as a defendant, you need the help of an experienced civil attorney. Your attorney can help you accumulate evidence to disprove the claims of the plaintiff. Having an experienced attorney help you document the truth and argue it persuasively in court can be the key to winning your civil suit. Your attorney can also help you file a counter-suit to recover damages from the lawsuit, sometimes including your lawyer’s fees.

It can be hard to remain calm and composed in court while you are trying to defend yourself, particularly if the other party is blatantly lying about what has happened. Your attorney, on the other hand, will find it easy to remain dispassionate and composed while advocating on your behalf. When you’re facing a serious civil lawsuit, your best hope of a positive outcome is working with an experienced civil attorney. Trying to defend yourself on your own could end up being a very expensive mistake.

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Mr. Leibowitz represented me when I was being wrongly sued. He listened to and understood my problem. When we got to court he didn’t back down. Ultimately, he forced the Plaintiff to dismiss my case.
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